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  1. God I just love Bernie Sanders.
    It is so great and heartening to know that there are even just a few members of Congress left who give a damn.
    We’ve got to pass this video around virally, it is so poignant and strikes to the core issue.
    Also it is so helpful to know who the good people are in Congress, to bring encouragement to the masses who desparately need that message of —did I Hear that old cliche again??—HOPE and REAL hope! And REAL change in the true American way, not in the way Obama sneakily promised us: Change to fascism and poverty and control.

  2. God Bless you Senator Sanders for speaking the plain truth. You seem to be the only one who understands our pain. Vermont, you have the only representative of the people. The White House and the other Congresspersons have no soul and don’t give a damn.

  3. To me it’s just the same old song and dance. They like to over emotionalize issue’s. And the facts are never correct. Taxes on wages are unconstitutional. You can’t constitutionally tax an even trade only profit. Working for money is an even trade. The “National Debt.” Is the interest to the private bankers who unconstitutionally print our money. Congress needs to constitutionally print our money and default on the so called “National Dept”. Sorry that’s my take on it. You have the right to disagree. Thank you.

  4. Bernie Sanders is a profile in courage: a great American Patriot! I hope our Democrats are all listening to him and getting back on message!!!

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