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Thought Crime Control Grid Courtesy of Homeland Security

By Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

Think it? You’re guilty, according to Homeland Security. FAST, which stands for Future Attribute Screening Technology, is designed to measure a person’s response to certain questions, indicating mal-intent.

The research protocols are developed and executed to measure specific psychophysiological  responses. The responses the sensors identify would be presented to screening professionals so those  professionals could determine whether the responses indicate malintent (the desire to cause harm). FAST

Download the PDF taken from the Homeland Security site here: FAST

The baseline for the project is the development and validation of the Theory of Malintent.  Malintent is the intent to cause harm. Although individuals may experience malintent in a variety of situations, the specific focus of FAST is identifying individuals who exhibit physiological indications, which in the specific screening settings, are determined to be associated with malintent. Behavioral scientists hypothesize that someone with malintent may act strangely, show mannerisms out of the norm, or experience extreme physiological reactions based on the extent, time, and consequences of the event. The FAST technology design capitalizes on these indicators to identify individuals exhibiting characteristics associated with malintent.

The scope of malintent has three distinguishing factors: the extent of planned harm, the future  time horizon of the event, and the consequences to the individual who is planning the event. The extent of harm can range from individuals planning to cause a disturbance or use false documents to individuals who are planning an assassination or terrorist attack. The future time horizon can range from planning an event years in advance to planning to carry out the act immediately after passing through screening. The consequences to the actor (perceived as either positive or negative) can range from none to being temporarily detained to deportation, prison, or death.  FAST

It used to be, “commit a crime, go to jail.” Now it is “think about committing a crime, go to jail.”

FAST seeks to improve the screening process at transportation and other critical checkpoints by developing behavior-based screening techniques that will provide additional indicators to screeners to enable them to make more informed decisions. FAST

This is a portable unit, which can and most likely will be deployed at major events such as concerts, sporting events, airports, border crossings, and wherever else large groups of people congregate.

The project’s purpose is to determine  the ultimate operational suitability of specific sensors or combinations of sensors for deployment by security officials in environments such as special events, mass transit portals, and border crossings. FAST

2 Responses

  1. This is wonderful – technology can now make things so much easier. These folks at the Dept. of Homeland Criminals are way ahead of the curve – See something – Say something. Ok – I see specific government agencies that are guilty of crimes – just like the “underwear bomber” – it has been admitted that this was an intelligence agency operation – our government brought explosives onto a plane and caused a terrorist incident. There, I said something, so Homeland Buffoonery can now go and do some detective work and arrest the bombers. Reward please!

    Posit this – if we accept the fact that elements within our governing structure commit crimes against us, is it reasonable to believe them when they tell us that screening techniques are in place for our safety?

    There is a hole in the logic here – they blow up buildings and planes to create incidents which they then use to substantiate illegal measures of security upon the public. Can I believe anything that comes out of your mouth AFTER it has been proven that you have committed the crimes?


    – “underwear bomber CIA operation”
    – “false flag operations declassified”

  2. I recomend you all read the book 1984 By George Orwell because it is our very near future if we let it and that is something we all wouldn’t want.

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