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  1. It’s true, they are catching pot growers in the KANSAS CITY area and have done so for years by investigating electricity use. Big government will own your butt for any reason they can generate. Some guy got in a yelling match with his gal and the cops came and found 14 guns and the reporter said/ “What was he planning to do with this arsenal? Most of my customers have more than 14 guns.

  2. Thanks for this clip , Barbara !
    The insane brotherhood stops at nothing and it’s up to the people to close the gate and stop all participation in this Slavery Agenda 21 .

  3. Some MAY wish to Pay PATICULAR attention to the Very FINE Print at the Bottom of the INNOCENT apperaing Building Permit Licensens application Form / CONTRACT! Note Licenses IS:
    Permission to Do that which Is: ILLeagal [Probably NOT UN-LAWful!] also especially NOTE: that FRAUD; is mailiciously TERMED LEGAL, allthough; excercising “REBUTTLE” to the deceitful PREsumption, by those: KNOWLEGABLE in LAW, may: “RENDER Useless,” their ATTEMPTS to: ENslave You, to spcifically: NON specific TERMS of the Contract, / viaBuliding License Permit Application, where You UNKNOWINGLY: VOLUNTEER [ remember You asked for the PERMISSION to excersize YOUR RIGHT to Enjoy Your use of Private Property [Unless You are mere Cattle/Goyim on the Governments’ Plantation!

    Tha Find Print to Volunteered to ABIDE BY: incudes AGREEMENTS to OTHER explicitly OWNEROUS Obligation to the CONTRACT; Like: agreeement to Abide by AGENDA 21’s:” International Building CODE” which YOU GIVE UP YOUR RIGHT to Privacy to the Building Dept. and OTHERS and allow them the License to CODUCT WARRANTLESS searches and seizures of ANYTHING they DEEM: Not in YOUR best Interest, Thus VIOLATING YOUR 5th Amendment Protections against TESTIFYING against YOURself! Like the: Health Care SCHEME, of Involutatary Servitude and SAUBVERSION of Rights!

    Many Men KNOW many THINGS! No Man KNOWS everyTHING! SomeONE Knows someTHING? Whom KNOWS?

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