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Trans Texas Corridor Renamed, Not Dead

By Kelly Taylor Holtttc

The Texas Department of Transportation announced on January 6 that the Trans Texas Corridor is dead. We don’t think so.

A familiar plant along Texas roadways is the prickly pear cactus. It sports the most beautiful flowers when in bloom, but the most wicked thorns imaginable. In periods of drought, cattle often eat the fruit, seeking water stored there, only to suffer the miseries of having the awful thorns stuck in their lips and tongues, becoming costly to the owners. The plants’ blooms are beautiful, but they are still cactus.

So it goes with the Trans Texas Corridor (TTC), the first leg of a planned superhighway meant to bring Chinese goods into the United States via Mexican ports — bypassing more expensive American ports and workers. (See “Express Route to Poverty” in our October 15, 2007 issue.) On January 6, Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) Executive Director Amadeo Saenz issued a statement for Governor Rick Perry’s beleaguered transportation project and declared the TTC “dead.”  After facing a very hostile public when the last legislative session failed to kill the project, TxDOT offered a revamped vision for the TTC, including a new proposal entitled Innovative Connectivity in Texas/Vision 2009, outlining updated guidelines for development of the TTC. The document describes the evolution of the original TTC plan, and how the “new” plan will be better — but it simply promises new blooms among the dangerous thorns of the original TTC plan.  READ MORE…

How the Environmental Movement is Rapidly Abolishing Private Property in America

A big thanks to Jack for this excellent presentation from Taking Liberty.

“Taking Liberty is a comprehensive look at the lower 48 states showing, region by region, how the Environmental Movement is rapidly abolishing Private Property in America.”

This government land grab is not for the people, but for a few elites who plan on owning and controlling the land.

To give you a bit of background, here is a short video of Michael Coffman, who is prominent in the presentation, speaking on the NWO.

When you click on the links in the presentation, a new window will open and play each program.

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