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HR 3200 Institutes a National Human Identification System – NHIS

By Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

Move over, NAIS, here comes NHIS – a National Human Identification System under the FDA. And you thought a tracking system was just for livestock. Well, you are right. To the ruling oligarchy, we the people are just that – livestock to be herded, tracked, culled, and medicated.

Take a look at the following section of HR 3200. READ MORE…

The Lost People: Amish vs NAIS

amishPPJG Original Article (See attached copyright notice. All rights reserved.)

Posted September 26, 2009 6:20 pm CST

by Paul Griepentrog

The Lost People: Part II

A way of life was put on trial in Neillsville Wisconsin on September 23rd, in the case against Emanuel Miller Jr., having been charged under complaint for civil forfeiture because he refused to register his property under the state’s premise registration program.  The morning session was devoted to the evidentiary hearing in which the state, represented by Clark Co. district attorney Darwin Zwieg and Bonnie Walksmuth, a court appointed attorney representing Emanuel Miller, presented evidence on behalf of the parties.

The afternoon session was devoted to the trial phase and concluded around 4 o’clock, at which time Judge Jon Counsell gave instructions that upon the completion of the trial transcript, there would be thirty days to file motions, fifteen days after to file rebuttals, oral arguments would occur seven days later, and then he would make his final decision.

Close to a hundred Amish were in attendance both from the local area and those who had come from other groups in a show of solidarity for Emanuel.  There were three reporters and eight non-Amish present other than the witnesses for the state and defendant.  Conspicuous by their absence were the representatives of the groups claiming to be fighting NAIS.  The only group showing support was the Wisconsin Independent Consumers and Farmers Association (WICFA) by the presence of their president, C.J. Cordell and his wife Jessica.  Continue reading

Marti Oakley Discusses NAIS and Food Safety Legislation on Radio Liberty

martiMarti Oakley, friend and fellow writer, will be interviewed by Dr. Stanley Monteith on Radio Liberty at 9:00 pm Pacific Time, Thursday, May 7, 2009.

The topic is: NAIS, Premises ID and the fake food safety bills.

The URL is:

Be sure to catch the show, as it is guaranteed to be lively if I know Marti.


On the Airwaves this Sunday – Join Us!

BarbThis Sunday, April 19, 2009, I will be on the air with Dave Hodges. We will be discussing HR 875, Livestock Tracking, Homeland Security’s Stamping Out program, GMO, and Monsanto. You are welcome to join us in what should be a lively discussion. Here is the information: 


The Republic Broadcasting Network

Host(s): Dave Hodges

Call In Number: 800-313-9443

Show Time: Sundays, 9:00 PM – 11:00 PM CST

Live streamed at

Often referred to as Americas most independent talk show host Dave Hodges brings a wealth of professional experience to the RBN airwaves as an award winning psychology, statistics and research professor a college basketball coach a mental health counselor a political activist and writer who has published dozens of editorials and articles in several publications such as The Arizona Republic and Freedoms Phoenix. The Common Sense Show with Dave Hodges is a hard-hitting investigative journalism show which features an array of impressive guests coupled with an in-depth analysis of important personal, social and geopolitical issues which are largely unreported in the mainstream media. The wide variety of show topics range from the loss of constitutional liberties, to the subsequent implementation of a police state under world governance, to exploring the limits of human potential. The primary purpose of The Common Sense Show with Dave Hodges is to provide the listening audience with the tools necessary to reclaim both our individual and national sovereignty. Join us every Sunday night as we apply a Founding Fathers Common Sense perspective towards solving the dire threats that confront all Americans in these times of unprecedented challenge.


NAIS Survival Toolkit – Available Now!

NAIS Toolkit

March 7, 2009
Contact: Darol Dickinson, 740 758 5050
Barnesville, Ohio USA


The NAIS SURVIVAL TOOL KIT is on line, and immediately printable in full color. This information is easy to forward, assisting livestock producers world wide to defend their assets and family farms from invasive government enforcements. Michelle Reid sums it up, “We’re out here branding cattle, worrying about our best horse going blind, when all of a sudden the USDA is working at mach speed filling our saddle bags with heavy NAIS rocks.”

The NAIS SURVIVAL TOOL KIT contains quotes and information from trustworthy journalists, real cattle producers, reliable attorneys, and USDA employees. Research starts with the Basics by attorney Judith McGeary, then NAIS Western Horseman polling data, documentation of the USDA conspiracy to “sell” NAIS, and the deceptive international political entanglements. It documents cost analysis, flawed thought that was conceived either from a desire to destroy the livestock industry or just plain ignorance of food production, animal health and food safety. Producers are totally mystified why NAIS is promoted by USDA with proposed budgets up to $400,000,000 to “make every livestock producer comply.”

Print the KIT and be well informed. Inform everyone. Inform government employees who have never considered the pain and distress they will inflict on livestock owners if NAIS is fully enforced. Share the KIT with veterinarians and county extension agents. For printing go to and touch NAIS TOOLKIT. Print PDF and select a 2-sided print text.

A valuable chapter is provided by the Australian Beef Association, chairman Brad Bellinger. It clearly documents the giant $350,000,000 cost of their ID system called NLIS. Five years ago producers were told NLIS would assist Australians in improved export sales, but now, fully operational, NLIS has ABA selling their beef for the second lowest prices of any major export beef country. All globally enforced ID schemes are proving to be profitable only to the governments, and ID equipment providers.

The 14 sheet (front and back) page KIT contains selected articles from Mark this site for 85 published articles equipping producers to protect themselves from a run-away government scheme. NAIS is not fully operational and can be truncated. Once a government enforcement program is fully active, the citizenry can never stop funding it. Use the KIT to protect yourself, your family and your grandchildren from NAIS enforcements, fines and Gestapo penalties.

NAIS Action Alert!!!



WHAT: CongressionaHearing on NAIS

WHEN: Wednesday, March 11

WHERE: Washington, DC


The U.S. House Agriculture Subcommittee on Livestock, Dairy and Poultry will hold a hearing on NAIS on March 11.  Bills to put NAIS into law, HR875 and companion Senate S814, are being pushed through Congress, as well as an Appropriations Bill with funding for NAIS.  This hearing is critical to blocking mandatory NAIS.


ACTION: Please call and fax all members of the subcommittee (below).  


1.  When you call, ask to speak to the legislative aide for agriculture.  Form a positive relationship with the aide.  Become his or her source of knowledge for NAIS.  Be RESPECTFUL and POLITE.  Remember, who would the aide rather speak with, someone who is courteous or someone angry and resentful?


2.  Please send this to everyone you know, ESPECIALLY to people in the states with members on the subcommittee.  Members need to hear from their constituents–the people who vote them into office.


If you are in one of these states, please arrange a meeting with the district representative of the Congressman.  That makes a big difference.  We need to be real people to the legislators, so that when they think “farm” or “food” they think of us, not Monsanto, Cargill, Tyson, etc…


(NOTE: The colors are for easier reading.  They have no political meaning).







Website email form



Mike Rogers





Dennis Cardoza



(202) 225-0819



Jim Costa


(202) 225-9308



Joe Baca





Betsy Markey,

(202) 225-4676

(202) 225-5870



David Scott (Chair)

(202) 225-2939

(202) 225-4628



Leonard Boswell

(202) 225-3806

(202) 225-5608



Steve King





Walt Minnick

(202) 225-6611

(202) 225-3029



Frank Kratovil, Jr.

(202) 225-5311

(202) 225-0254



Adrian Smith

(202) 225-6435

(202) 225-0207



Tim Holden

(202) 225-5546

(202) 226-0996



David P. Roe

(202) 225-6356

(202) 225-5714



K. Michael Conaway

(202) 225-3605

(202) 225-1783



Randy Neugebauer,

Ranking Minority Member

(202) 225-4005

(888) 763-1611

(202) 225-9615



Bob Goodlatte,

(202) 225-5431

(202) 225-9681



Steve Kagen,

(202) 225-5665

(202) 225-5729


For more information, or if you need help in this process, please contact us:


Doreen Hannes (417) 962-0030    
Sharon Sabo (618) 458-7745    
Sue Dederich (847) 873-0251    
Sharon Zecchinelli (802) 933-6709    
Liz Reitzig (301) 807.5063    
Deborah Stockton (434) 295.7176    


Yours for freedom,


Deborah Stockton, Executive Director

National Independent Consumers and Farmers Association (NICFA)


Our purpose is to promote and preserve unregulated direct farmer-to-consumer trade 

that fosters availability of locally grown or home-produced food products.


NICFA opposes any government funded or managed National Animal Identification System.

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