The Only Feasible Basis for Arab-Israeli Peace

skulls_deesBy: Daniel Mandel

Source: Front Page Magazine

September 24, 2009

Time to end the fraud that the ball lies in Israel’s court.

One of the responses I sometimes receive after publishing articles and delivering speeches pouring cold water on the prospects of current diplomatic efforts to achieve an Arab-Israeli peace is: ‘What should Israel/the West be doing instead?’ Continue reading

Jewish Settlers – Victims of a Corrupt Israeli Government

It is not popular to come to the defense of Jewish settlers. In fact, the media blitz that is being waged against these people inspires outright hatred.

While terabytes of articles expressing sympathy for suffering Palestinian Arabs abound on the Internet, very little is said about the forced expulsion of Palestinian Jews from their homes. What about the Jewish people who were dragged from their properties in Gaza by Israeli soldiers and placed in tents because they could no longer live there simply because they were Jews? Some are still living in tents and are still paying for the homes that were bulldozed by the Israeli government. Can you say ethnic cleansing? Where is the justice for these people?

Victims of a corrupt Israeli government as well as a corrupt media, these people are being used as pawns in a power game set in place by the global elite and have nowhere to turn. But this is nothing new. Almost a million Jews have been ethnically cleansed from Arab countries in the past 50 years, and it is still going on. But does anyone talk about it? Does anyone raise his/her voice in protest? No. The silence is deafening.


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