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Surviving the Middle Class Crash

Surviving the Middle Class Crash 

From Blinded Sheep to One Eye Open at All Times 

Who I am is not important. I am simply one of the many former middle class Americans who has been forced, due to economics, to take a long hard look at where this country is going, and where I want to be next year, and the year after that. It is clear that things in this country are changing, and we need to prepare for the future.

My journey down the rabbit hole began with the following thought: “What if nothing is as it seems, and everything I have been told is a lie.” This thought kept rolling around in my head until I was compelled to act. I started dissecting every scrap of information I heard on the news, and went to the Internet to do my research. What I found was that I had indeed been lied to, and was going to continue to be lied to by the mainstream media because it is bought and paid for by large multi-national corporations who do not want us to know the truth behind genetically modified terminator seeds, or anything else of importance. We are mere consumers. The heads of these multi-national corporations, whose only goal is to make money, are bleeding Americans dry. We the people are expendable. Until we realize that, we will continue to act as if nothing is wrong until we get flushed down the toilet.

Our country is being sold piece by piece to the highest bidder by a few powerful elites who have turned our economic system into an all-out grab for money and power, man the torpedoes, full steam ahead! A declaration of war on the American people has been declared, and we are in for the fight of our lives.

At this point, some of us are having a difficult time making ends meet. Maybe we are cutting down on our fuel consumption, or making other sacrifices to save money in order to hang on to what we have. We ‘aint seen nothin’ yet. Hanging on is going to get harder. To combat the forces of evil and take back our country, it is time to make a change, one person at a time.

I invite you to follow me down the path to take back my independence and break away from the corporate teat. It might not always be pretty, but I can assure you, it will not be dull; and just maybe, we can learn from each other.


Copyright 2008, Barbara H. Peterson

Surviving the Middle Class Crash Website 





14 Responses

  1. Hello Miss Peterson,
    I stumbled across your website by accident, looking for another truth, well anyway, after reading your articles, after seen the half truths/half lies on tv, the rumors, and conspiracy theories, and added them all together, I knew right away you are correct in your assessment; you have put it together with your research. We indeed are in the fight for our lives and our freedom.
    The next immediate battle to conquer is the National (Federal) Identification Program known as “The Real ID Act/Program”. We only literately have a few days to write and advise our governors, State Reps, and congress people to stop and repeal this vicious Act. This totally unconstitutional program is a blatant disregard to our guaranties of privacy, the Real ID runs roughshod over states’ rights, violating 10th Amendment guaranties, it places conditions on the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, it forces millions of Americans to violate their religious beliefs, to say the least, and who knows what else these monsters want to do to the Freedom loving people of this land of ours and to the rest of the world.
    Check out this website:
    Thank you for your efforts and God bless you,

  2. Hi Sid,

    I’m glad you stumbled onto the site. I am not taking a Real ID. I don’t care if I have to ride a bike, my horse, or walk. Since I live almost 50 miles from town that is quite a challenge, but I will not comply. I don’t like to fly, and have no need to travel cross country. I am also known for my stubbornness at times :) Good to “meet” you!


  3. Thank you. Stay the course.

  4. please do not publish my email address

    thankyou, Barbara, for your site. It is one of the most cogent inspiring reads i’ve seen. Perhaps this is the nexus for the “tea party”. If – somehow the middle class can join – together heart mind soul and continue to inform and buck the rfid etc – there is hope.

    let it not be said of us that the nation went down because of a bunch of good men doing nothing.

    I thank God for you

    • ‘Tea Party’?

      I am afraid the urban based population of America has no stomach or ability for rebellion anymore and the rural based population (the heartland of true libertarianism)is shrinking.

      Urban people EXPECT the government to sort out all their troubles. Remember that to an Urban person, ‘fixing the toilet’ means phoning a plumber and cutting a cheque. To an Rural person ‘fixing the toilet’ means getting a wrench and doing it yourself. When the problem is the government the solution MUST be something else.

      If my words seem harsh then you should take heed. Harsh words are what is needed when the population is in as deep a sleep as the American public is. Most of America is almost comatose considering this same group of sheeple voted George W. Bush in not once but twice.

      ‘Tea Party’? Don’t talk about it. DO IT!

      One black woman who was sick and tired of riding at the back of the bus changed American thinking. This is the power of ONE!

  5. Sid is right.
    But its horrible when these ‘conspiracies’ are turning out to be truths :(

    Glad to meet you Speak.

    • They were never conspiracies. That is a term used by the ‘Shills’ to discredit truth seekers. Research Gerald Celente on Google and go to his web site trendsresearch,com

      The Mad Ape

  6. Hello

    One way to avoid being bled by the corpogovernment nazification of the world is to divest yourself of paper currency and 401k’s, t-bills, and bonds. Take that paper and convert it into real money…gold and silver.

    The prices for these precious metals are being manipulated by governments, central banks, and large financial institutions.

    They do this to keep the ‘sheeple’ thinking that the worthless paper they issue actaully has any value!

    The Mad Ape

  7. Hello

    One way to avoid being bled by the corpogovernment nazification of the world is to divest yourself of paper currency and 401k’s, t-bills, and bonds.

    Take that paper and convert it into real money…gold and silver. The prices for these precious metals are being manipulated by governments, central banks, and large financial institutions.

    They do this to keep the ‘sheeple’ thinking that the worthless paper they issue actually has any value!

    The Mad Ape

  8. I forgot to mention that while the Corpogovernment Nazis continue to manipulate precious metals prices you are seeing the metals undervalued. This can not last.

    Any expert that is not a mainstream media shill will explain in great detail that the price of gold will be anywhere from $2000 – $6000 per ounce. Silver as high as $1000. It will not be so much as gold and silver going up in value as it is the paper money being worth less.

    Your spam filter does not allow links so people need to research GATA on Google. Or you can go to GATA,org

    The Mad Ape

  9. I came across your blog today through your education post on home schooling, and was SO impressed! So glad to hae found you.

    Dedicated Elementary Teacher Overseas (in the Middle East)

  10. I came across your`site“while looking for more evadence of faul play by my own government. I am ill just of what I’ve found in two day’s. I feel as though I woke up and I’m Literally in Rosemary’s baby and it’s all true. I hope to find the freedom you seem to have found. Best Wish’es Hank

  11. I found your website while researching a college paper; I too have returned to school since ending a 20 year career. I have been sent into a tailspin now question the entire belief system that I as many others have been spoon fed since birth. I applaude your convictions and agree with your beliefs. I am have moved back to the family farm of my childhood and am focused on raising my children to be self-sufficient and aware of what the corporate money grab has done to the nation and the world. I have an increased fire in my belly for a call to action of the common man after looking at the death roll the nation has become locked in over greed and control of what I believe are inalienable rights for humanity. Keep up the visionary work!

  12. I just found your site by chance as well. I thought I was fairly well educated about the system, how it works & how should work. Then a friend was arrested & I found out how it really works. I’m running for office. I may not be able to help my friend but I can set an example and try to take our government back from the inside out. We were taught in school that this is a Government of, by and for the people. Somewhere along the line we strayed and we need to start running for office if for no other reason than to prove we can. If enough of us do maybe some of us regular people will start getting elected. The 1st time I ran I was told I didn’t have a chance. Most people prove him right by not running. I proved him wrong by getting on the ballot and pointing out that I was younger and healthier than both my opponents and sometimes it’s only a matter of who makes it to the finish line and the only way to lose is to not play. There’s elections every year and often the ones that have the most influence on our daily lives are the most local. Jump in, the water’s fine, if you can at least dog-paddle & keep your head above water you just might win, and then we all have a better chance.

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