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Geneva Conventions Redefined – Part 1: The New U.S Department of War


Most people are unaware of a larger picture developing over the course of the past seven or eight decades, or somehow they are willingly choosing to ignore it. This still-developing image portrays matters requiring a greater knowledge of world history, a higher degree of self-education and a more global perspective to recognize and decipher.

Probably the most remarkable change occurring and still underway is a complete militarization of everything in the United States, if not around the world. The most disturbing sign of this breach of civilian commons today by the military, comes in the form of or the creation, or should I say recreation, as it had once been known up and until 1946, of a new or at least reinvigorated Department of War, which is no longer a “Department of Defense,” to ward off foreign invasion. 

The War Department existed from 1789 until September 18, 1947, when it was renamed initially as the Department of the Army, then became part of the new, joint National Military Establishment (NME). Shortly thereafter, in 1949, the NME was finally converted to the Department of Defense. The Department of War was organized for war (offense) and not for defense. The interrelated and end result of this today, is the creation of the newly founded Department of Homeland Security, which was to be originally dubbed the Department of Homeland Defense to allow the long-standing Department of Defense to once again go on the offensive.

One of the main reasons for this change was in response to the latest batch of International Geneva Conventions from the 1940s in the wake of World War II, that outlawed offensive wars, or wars of aggression.

Fast forward to today in 2010, and all of this is being reversed, intentionally. One thing that is clear is the Geneva Conventions that came about in aftermath of two horrendous World Wars are under attack here at home and have been since at least the late 1990s. The metamorphosis now of our Department of Defense back into a Department of War somehow is one of a number of intended and directed results. Former President George W. Bush accelerated these attacks from under his administration and to the point that our own soldiers were in jeopardy of no longer being protected by these conventions. This earth-shattering change of state is irreconcilable with our Constitution or foundational system of civilian self-governance and is largely unnoticed by 97 % of our citizenry.

Integral to this, is the creation of what was originally dubbed the Department of Homeland Defense as put in effect in 2003, which was done to allow the long-standing Department of Defense to expand exponentially and once again go on the offensive. Most know it now as the Department of Homeland Security [DHS]. This was the actual splitting in two of the Department of Defense and the movement of military law, or a form of martial law into the DHS. This is coupled with outsourcing and contracting of everyday duties to a private army of support personnel to cook, clean, move, transport and do all sorts of things our military personnel used to do for themselves without any associated profit margin attached to these efforts. This has been done to grow the army basically overnight without garnering much attention.

First, to look at all of this more critically, we must jump back in time to the Nuremburg Trials and subsequent International Conventions outlawing wars of aggression by one Nation-State upon another. These International Conventions incorporated by almost all Nations maintained a level of law, order and peace, albeit imperfect, by outlawing and hoping to forever prevent what Germany had done in provoking and attacking other European countries, as well as forever entrenching all existing National and International borders that were in place at the time as well.

Wars involving Germany, World War I and World War II were not defensive wars in order to protect a Nation-State from a foreign aggressor, or repel invasion from an aggressor, but were instead aggressive wars of conquest.

One must travel back further and revisit our own Constitution, and systems of self defense designed therein, then come forward observing changes in legal and political climates, both within the U.S. and the World over the past 200 years or so to understand just how troublesome this all is. In America – home of the Free and the Brave, we are now moving backward to a time much like medieval Europe where Privy Councils and Star Chambers were employed to terrorize people and maintain a darkness that had enveloped Europe. These councils or courts were run chiefly by military forces, and not for independent judiciary, or what most would equate to military tribunals.

Fast forward once again back to the lead up to the war in Iraq and into today. Whilst thinking along these lines one cannot forget that the Gulf War in the 1980s and into the 1990s was started by the Administration of the first President Bush, George H.W. Bush.

Closer to today, and just prior to the launch of the War in Iraq on March 18th, 2003, the newly formed Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was consummated, but few to this day understand what it is or what it is intended to become or foster.

As stated, the Department of Homeland Security was originally to be called the Department of Homeland Defense. Everything lies in a name. As in much of this, the “Powers that Be” decided this might be too obvious in exposing what they were doing and someone might just ask; Do we really need two Departments of Defense? This rationale runs along the same vein of thought in naming the Iraq War’s operational name Operation Iraqi Liberation, or O.I.L. for short, doing this initially as a Freudian Slip of sorts, then naming it Operation Iraqi Freedom instead. The problem with this is that the O.I.L. acronym itself was simply a more sophisticated form of CO-INTEL PRO – a smokescreen so people would believe the wars were really only about oil. They are not.

They are about much more than just oil, but oil is a part of it. These wars are about changing the definition of politics, religion, history and yes of course, even business. This much bigger agenda has been in development for sometime now.

By creating a Department of Homeland Security in 2003, supposedly in response to 9-11, the global Military – Industrial – Banking – Religious – Congressional complex was unconstrained to finally change the Department of Defense back to a Department of War – a Department of Offense to carry out Wars of Aggression once again, as it then had a replacement for the Department of Defense in the newly founded Department of Homeland Security.

This conversion and splitting of the Department of Defense into two separate, distinct entities was to foster expansion and militarization of everything, and to seize upon all civilian jurisdictions and authorities, dong so under the Executive Branch’s Constitutional prerogative within Admiralty.

So clearly, since at least 2003 we have a Department of Defense that is actually now instead our Department of War by defect or default, seen clearly in its actions. It is now carrying on wars of aggression abroad. Plus, we have a Department of Homeland Security that is in effect and intended to become our new Department of [Homeland] Defense. The problem is that the new Department of War, although without a more official name change to date, is for carrying on wars of foreign aggression and subjugating peoples from other lands.

The new Department of Defense has been incorporated to work domestically alongside groups like Infragard, Blackwater; Triple Canopy; Integrated Coast Guard Systems; Lockheed – Martin; General Electric; Sea Launch; Fox and others – not to somehow defend us against the invading Al Queda, Arab, or Persian Navies hearkening back to Athens, but instead to carry on the same levels of oppression and even creation of civilian laws from underneath the military as imposed by a military dictatorship right here in the U.S.

President Obama is carrying on in the same vein that King George II had us on, even accelerating beyond what both Bushes carried out. Obama’s behavior and track record in the use of military tribunals is more perverse, less rational and in strong contrast to controlling Supreme Court case law on it. This has accelerated to where he is now pursing prosecution of “terrorists” down several divergent pathways.

What makes this total militarization of all that matters more obvious, is the movement of Military Law [as actually a form of martial law] out of the Department of Defense into the Department of Homeland Security. This of course, occurred under the cover of launching war in March 2003. This is much like, but much more subtle and thus more dangerous, as when Augustus under arms marched across the Rubicon in 49 B.C. and seized control of the Roman Republic with his Legionairres as military forces.

(C) 2010 Lt. Eric Shine USNR – USMMRR/ USMMA KP

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  1. The US being a democracy deserves the government it gets. It takes a vigilant public to prevent what has happened to America. Obviously the US didn’t have one. The Consitution is the source of all legal governance together with common law honed through centuries of jurisprudence. If governments are required to live under these constraints all would go well so force them to do so.

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