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How the U.S. Created Al Qaeda

10th United States National Security Advisor (1977 – 1981) Zbigniew Brzezinski pictured here with Osama Bin Laden, commander of the “freedom fighters” who fought for the US and Saudi Arabia against the Soviet Union from which mujaheddin the Taliban and Al Qaeda came to existence. Today he is the foreign adviser of President Barack Obama.

“Throughout the world … its agents, client states and satellites are on the defensive — on the moral defensive, the intellectual defensive, and the political and economic defensive. Freedom movements arise and assert themselves. They’re doing so on almost every continent populated by man — in the hills of Afghanistan, in Angola, in Kampuchea, in Central America … [They are] freedom fighters.”

Is this a call to jihad (holy war) taken from one of Islamic fundamentalist Osama bin Laden’s notorious fatwas? Or perhaps a communique issued by the repressive Taliban regime in Kabul?

In fact, this glowing praise of the murderous exploits of today’s supporters of arch-terrorist bin Laden and his Taliban collaborators, and their holy war against the “evil empire”, was issued by US President Ronald Reagan on March 8, 1985. The “evil empire” was the Soviet Union, as well as Third World movements fighting US-backed colonialism, apartheid and dictatorship.

How things change. In the aftermath of a series of terrorist atrocities — the most despicable being the mass murder of more than 6000 working people in New York and Washington on September 11 — bin Laden the “freedom fighter” is now lambasted by US leaders and the Western mass media as a “terrorist mastermind” and an “evil-doer”.

Yet the US government refuses to admit its central role in creating the vicious movement that spawned bin Laden, the Taliban and Islamic fundamentalist terrorists that plague Algeria and Egypt — and perhaps the disaster that befell New York.

The mass media has also downplayed the origins of bin Laden and his toxic brand of Islamic fundamentalism. READ MORE…

You might be an enemy belligerent if…

By Barbara H. Peterson

Well folks, they’re at it again. This time we are all included. Yep, that’s right. We are all enemy belligerents. And just why do I say that? I’ve read the thing, S. 3081 that is, and pondered on it for a bit, and there’s just no gettin’ around it. Cranky ol’ me and my obstinate ways just might classify me as belligerent in some way, shape or form. Yep, that’s right. You too, if you do any of the following:

You might be an enemy belligerent and detained without trial if…

You might know something that the government wants to know.

The president says so.

It is determined that you have links to Al-CIA-DA.

Hey, wait just a darn minute! Hold onto your horses, folks. Didn’t the U.S. government create Al-CIA-DA? According to this bill, that means that the U.S. government itself and all the staffers in it are subject to interrogation and detention without trial until whatever conflict is going on is over. This bill might not be so bad after all…


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