An Open Letter to America

praying handsBy James P. Harvey (OldDog)

While I have failed at many things in my 69 years, I can claim excellence in one thing, which is the result of the massive propaganda we have all endured from birth, and not because of any admiralable, natural attributes of my own.

My mind has accepted the premise that I have a God given right to be an individual, and not a carbon copy human servant of any community, or government. I am designed and built, trained and controlled, by the one and only, Lord God Almighty, and He alone is my master, and I His servant.

Although I do not, and have not, excelled in service to Him, nevertheless I remain satisfied under His dominion, and accept no other. With that said, I will proceed to explain the relationship of service to God and acceptable obligations to mankind, but you’re comprehension is dependent on Him.

Somewhere near the beginning of social formations, God enabled humans to recognize the need for a standardized medium of exchange, so that equalized trades of commodities could be accomplished, and a hunter could trade a dead animal for an equally valuable measure of corn at a later date, from a different person, and in incremental portions suitable to his consumption.

I will not bore, or educate you with a history of the different (mediums of exchange) that have been used over time, and get to the point consistent with current events.

If the reader has more than an inch between their ears, they should know by now, the international bankers, after centuries of trial and error, are about to eliminate physical (mediums of exchange) which will (in their little minds) give them global control of all wealth.

Remember, ownership means nothing, and control means everything! If you do not believe me, try selling your home without government’s involvement, and if you think you really own your home, try not paying your property tax.

Look up the definition of (allodial title) and (fee simple) on wikipedia!

All of the current money manipulations will end with electronic money!

When electronic debits and credits are forced on the Nations, the nations will cease to exist, and the whole global community will be at the mercy of natural disasters and the International Banksters. One does not have to be very intelligent to recognize that this event will (in effect), give the Banksters the kind of control once reserved for kings. It will not matter what kind of legal (or not) document you have, because they will have absolute control of all things presently considered common, government, or privately owned.

If you do not participate in, and work, for the community, you will not eat or have a place to live. Your children will be taken from you, and you will be considered reprehensible by friends, and family. You will be destitute, and forced to worship Communitarian Law, in place of GOD’S LAW!

Your community leaders will be appointed, not elected, and no one will have any means of redress. In essence, you will be forced to give up any, and all pretence of God’s existence, or sovereign control of His entire creation; and while the theologically obtuse churches are unaware of the consequences, they will acquiesce without hesitation.

This is the relationship of service to God and acceptable obligations to mankind I spoke of above and these kinds of obligations are an abomination to me, and will never be accepted as long as I have the life left to fight.

Most American’s have long ago disregarded the obligation to adhere to a set of principals, and the churches have disregarded the doctrines in scripture as their guiding principles, which leaves those of us who demand a clear and comprehensible set of principles to be obligated to unable to continue our lives as part of either community. We are outcast in our own country, and that is our choice, but that does not imply we are not entitled to the protection of God’s Law, and if anyone refuses to allow me the right to be let alone, one of us will surely die.

This is the only acceptable way that I can be a contributor to society, and remain in God’s grace. And, woe to you who hurt God’s children!

You may reply to James P. Harvey or (OldDog) as you see fit.

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  1. The New World Order has already promised us a non theological new society, based upon science not theology. Surprize, not at all, these traitors intend total domination of all people, minimum food rationing to feed all of the world. Yet there are those who can’t believe our nation is headed to ruin, who keep telling me, we have laws to protect us. What a laugh. President Don would have stopped this. There is still time, to REVOLT/REVOTE. M M M Obama must go.

  2. These are the sign of the times as predicted in the Bible Matthew 24 Our Lord warns us of these things and it will get worse. Do not get me wrong I will not go quietly I refuse. God has bestowed Freedom for Man and No one of any form of gov has the athority over God whether they believe in Himor not.

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